Known for its different trade of artisanal objects and silk, during the last century, Zouk Mikael souk was the heartbeat of the city.
The "Old Souk", the very typical Lebanese architecture, was built during the El Khazen family's feudality to suit the needs of the trade activities (mulberry plantation, and the silk manufacture and trade).
The Souk (capital of the El Khazen's province) was known for being the trading center for silk. Its shops (around 400 looms "nawl" before WWI) were known for their meticulous and artistic handcrafts and textile work, as well as for several activities and crafts such as the shoemaking and the jewelry manufactures and trade.
The Old Souk was neglected during the Lebanese war (1975-1990). But in 1988 the restoration started, in order to convert it into a touristic area amidst Byblos, Jeita Grotto and Beirut. The restoration was necessary to reveal the historic face and value of Zouk Mikael by its ancestors, work and tradition.
The restoration offered also a night life for tourists where they can dine, dance and spend the evening in restaurants, terrace, gardens……

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Old Souk road
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