Our Lady of the Annunciation - Al Khazen Convent

The convent was first the house of Sheikh Bechara Jaffal El Khazen Governor of Keserwan region from the late 18th century till 1825 when he died without heirs. He was the owner of large land properties in Zouk Mikael, Aintoura, Kfardebian and others.

In 1826, a year after Sheikh Bechara's death, the Amir Bashir Shihab seized the opportunity and claimed himself owner of all Sheikh Bechara's properties.After a while, Sheikh Bechara's wife, his sister, and their cousin, the priest Youssef Chaz, tried to regain their legal properties, and decided to entail all to the "Our Lady of Annunciation Convent", where Sisters from the Order of Saint Francis Salasius and Sainte Jeanne De Chantale founded the convent.The order was also known as Sister of the Visit similar to the Sisters in Aintoura's Convent.

His Beatitude the Patriarch Youssef Hobeich El Khazen hallowed the convent on the name of Our Lady of the Annunciation on July 16th, 1836. Two sisters from the convent of Aintoura were asked to found the convent and help beginners abide by the rules of the Sisters of the Visit; the sisters were Maryam Antounieh Al Achkar and Maryam Sabat Al Karjieh.

The number of the sisters started to grow and Sister Maryam Antounieh Al Achkar was named Mother Superior in June 25th, 1840. The Convent was restored in 1908 upon the demand of Archbishop Youssef Chebel Al Khazen.

The sisters in this convent consecrate their life to prayers, work and handiworks for the church altar and are also known for making marzipan sweets.

The Entrance
Entrance of the Reception Room
Painting of Mrs. Ziara Jaffal El Khazen
Church , Inside View

Statue of the
Patriarch Youssef Hobeich El Khazen

The Altar
Outside View