La Joconde Socio-Cultural Club

Founded in 1973 in order to promote culture by organizing several yearly social and cultural conferences, seminars and festivals. In 1977, the first Lebanese poetry festival was celebrated with the participation of known poets like Said Akl, Maurice Awad, Maroun Karam and others. In 1980, a contest in poetry writing was held among Keserwan schools and was overseen by Poets and Arabic literature teachers.
Students from complementary and secondary classes won valuable prizes. Christmas is an annual gathering of children with the visit of Santa Claus coming by helicopter or riding a horse. Christmas is also celebrated with ill and needy people. The La Joconde Club is also known for commemorating celebrities from Lebanon:

Politics is also one of the subjects treated in the conferences and seminars organized by the club. In order to remind people of the traditional food our ancestors used to prepare, the club organizes in September the annual food supply fair where all kinds of traditional foods and provisions are sold.