Born in Zouk Mikael on August 5th, 1927; he studied in Saint Joseph College in Aintoura. He graduated as lawyer from the Saint Joseph University (1948), and had his training in the Bureau of Sheikh Bechara El Khoury.
As a lawyer, he excelled in this field and in literature as well. Since 1952, he had participated in many cultural events. He was an orator, a critic and an innovator. He introduced poetry and poets in a very eloquent speech. Kazan was also a lecturer on several Lebanese writers in the American University of Beirut, Saint Joseph University and the Universite du Saint-Esprit.
His passion for literature and culture didn't distract him, however, from his law profession, as he concentrated on juristic research and lectured about this subject on many occasions.
He died on March 10th, 1973. The Municipality of Beirut named one of its main streets after him. His home village honored him by naming the square at the entrance of the Souk after him, as he was so attached to his village's history and tradition.
Antoine Kazan