Elias Abou Chabakeh Public School:

From a one-room-class to a building…that is the story of the public school in Zouk. With the efforts of the municipal council, the public school was transferred into a new building rented in 1966, and equipped in 1974 with audio-video equipments by a Swedish company. In 1970, the municipal council asked the "Ministry of National Education" to name the school after the poet Elias Abou Chabakeh and the Ministry accepted the request.Starting out as a complementary school, it was later developed and became a secondary school.





The National Public Secondary School:

It was established as a branch of Jounieh's National Public School in 1973. Teaching started on October 15th, 1984. On April 2nd, 1996, the school became independent. It holds 10 secondary classes: Secondary I, Baccalaureate Section I and Baccalaureate Section II. It has 46 instructors and 293 students.

The Building
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